A True Domestic & Commercial Anti-Slip Board

DeckWright Anti Slip can be applied to a range of groove sizes and can withstand the heaviest of commercial use. Unlike most competitor products, which utilise a very hard brittle epoxy based resin, DeckWright Anti Slip uses resin technologies derived from the latest resins used on anti slip highway surfaces. This provides two major advantages: Firstly, in service the resin is able to bend and flex with the timber as it moves in use, and expands and contracts with changing moisture content through the seasons.

Additionally, road traffic grade resin is highly durable, compatible with extreme temperatures and, as a result, retains good anti slip properties. It remains strongly bonded to the timber for the life of the decking. Secondly, and of crucial importance to installers, it is generally possible to cut the decking on site using normal hand tools, rather than specialist tungsten carbide rotary saws. This significantly increases ease and speed of installation while providing major Health & Safety benefits through reduction in noise, dust and sparks.


We work with suppliers of anti-slip decking across the UK to help them provide quality, high performing anti-slip decking to offer their customers. As part of our anti-slip treatment service, we work with suppliers to provide them with images, technical data sheets and more for them to issue to their customers helping them market their anti-slip boards.


Wide Ranging Customisation

Our very proud of our anti-slip service and the work we do for our customers. This pride is shown in the way we handle and treat each board we're sent. From unpacking the blank boards, through to final packaging of the anti-slip treated boards, we are trusted to take care of customer's boards, a reason customers keep coming back to us.


Quality Throughout

DeckWright Anti Slip product has been independently tested and approved by the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton, in accordance with British Standard BS 7976: 2002.

Additionally, the timber can be preservative treated in accordance with BS 8417:2011. This can be applied to both Use Class 3 (for above ground applications) and Use Class 4 (for ground contact applications), giving a warranty of 5 or 10 years to pine timber decking (please check for applicable warranty on other species).

DeckWright Anti Slip is a DeckMark and DeckMark + accredited product through the TDCA (Timber Decking and Cladding Association). DeckWright is available with PEFC and FSC® certification. Ask for our FSC® products.

FSC® chain of custody number: NC COC 026801 EA PEFC certification number: CATG PEFC COC 633



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