Our FireWright fire retardant timber treatment is a natural and 100% biodegradeable treatment. Through the use of an autoclave, we use the latest high-pressure treatment technology to impregnate BURNBLOCK® fire retardant into a variety of timber and plywood species, as well as scaffolding and external timber cladding such as siberian larch. This is done in a dedicated facility within a controlled factory environment, and as the treatment is clear and transparent, it doesn’t leave any visible stains or imperfections in the timber.

Our specialist kiln drying facility allows us to return timber to an appropriate or specified moisture level post-treatment, supporting construction standards to hold 10–18% moisture.

BURNBLOCK® fire retardant treatment can be applied to a wide variety of timbers, from solid timbers such as pines, oaks and red cedars to eucalyptus and birch plywood scaffolding boards for construction projects.

fire treated plywood

The Timber Impregnation

Although BURNBLOCK® is 100% natural and biodegradable, once impregnated into timber it will last the lifespan of the timbers we are certified to treat. This is a result of the pressure impregnation process. BURNBLOCK® will also achieve the same fire classification throughout the life of the timber.

fire treated timber tank

Quality Guaranteed

We provide a Declaration of Performance, in line with our CE Mark certification for each of our fire retardant treatments. The legal requirements audit factory production control of the fire retardant facility and ensure the consistency of performance of the manufactured products.

We Offer Everything You Need

We ensure you're given everything you need to be confident that your timber is treated correctly, is fully traceable and meets UKCA/CE standards.

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